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A-fore God. * Hit's sumthen to study on.   Then a man feels
clean, hit's ne'er the same.

" Summer come, and the snow gone, and I started up to the
high mountains. I seen Indians a-move-en, too. They made
me signs, and I taken up with 'em. They had 'em sheep and
ponies, and was goen whar the grass was good. They was
two or three of 'em knowed our talk, not good but some.
All summer I was with them Indians, off and on. The grass
gone and time to be a-move-en, and they ast me to move too,
and I done hit. A man could git along with them Indians
if'n he had a mind to. I done hit. They ne'er had nuthin
agin me, nor me agin them. Hit come cold, and they was
a-move-en down low, and I went with 'em. They helped
build me a winter hogan, lak their'n, and they rubbed corn
meal on the posts, the way they done fer luck, and sprinkled
hit on the floor, and said the words they says to make the
live-en in the house be good live-en.

"Five year, and hit was that a-way. Hit was a way of
live-en, if'n hit's in a man's heart. And I ne'er had no com-
plaint. I was easy in my heart and mind, lak ne'er a-fore in
my time of doen and strive-en. I'd a-been thar yit, I reckin,
if'n I had'n a-took sick, and hit bad. Hit was in the summer
of 'ninety, and we was in the high country, but hit looked lak
sumthen went outer me. I wasn't good fer nuthen. Looked
lak I couldn't raise my hand, the pith gone out of me. I'd
jlst set on the ground, and look up at the sky, how thin and
blue hit was over them mountains. Then the fever come. Hit
taken me, and I said,' Willie Proudfit, you gonna die/ That's
what I said, and the words was in my head lak a bell. Then
hit come to me, how other men was dead, and they taken hit
the best they could and the bitterness, and I said, * Willie
Proudfit, what air man kin do, you kin do/ But the fever
come agin, and I said,' You gonna die, and in a fer country/

" The Indians done what they could. They give me stufi
to drink, black and bitter hit was, outer yerbs and sich, but
hit ne'er done no good. I'd burn up with fever, then I'd lay
and look and ever thing in the world was diffrent to me,